Art trip review

On Thursday 24th of February, our art students from years 11 & 12 had the fantastic opportunity to visit the Tate Britain, London. Accompanied by the Head of Department, Mr A Nascimento and Ms Holmes (Art Technician), twenty GCSE and five AS students were able to attend this trip and use this opportunity to enrich their understanding of British art work and in turn improve their own investigations skills.


Encouraged and guided by Mr Nascimento, the art students had specific tasks to accomplish in this visit. They had to find three artists that best suit their starting point theme in connection with their GCSE and AS exam paper. They explored the enchanting collection of work at the Tate Britain and independently chose to study pieces which captured their individual imaginations and style. Using the titles and guidelines of the assessment criteria from the exam paper, students were able to focus on topics such as ‘out of place’, ‘architecture’ and others, by immerging themselves into different historical context. They engaged in a series of discussions with focus on the formal elements and content of many works of art.


The gallery houses a vast collection of work, including sculptures by famed artist Henry Moore, examples of pop art by David Hockney, and the largest collection of JWM Turner paintings in the UK. All of the students were engaged with exemplar attitude for learning and enthusiastic during our visit. They thoroughly appreciated the chance to improve on their work through the primary study of art in one of the most prestigious and historic galleries in the UK.