International Women’s day

You Cannot Be What You Cannot See, was a 60 minute speed mentoring workshop hosted by Superfoxx; a collective of talented women who fund workshops to empower the next generation of girls.

The workshop gave Year 10 girls at Ark Elvin an opportunity to hear from to a broad set of career women in an informal and interactive session. 

This was a fantastic opportunity for our girls to learn and be inspired by a really interesting group of role models. On a practical level the role models were able to share their own life stories and the decisions they made at different stages that influenced their careers. But in some ways it was the anecdotal examples of challenges they faced and overcame that the girls learnt most from. Overwhelmingly there was a clear message that hard work and finding something that you are really passionate about - whatever that is - breeds success. With a growth mindset and positivity, anything is possible!