Duke of Edinburgh Year 9 Hike - Saturday 23rd June

The purpose of our hike was to introduce the pupils to what the Duke of Edinburgh expeditions are like.  A lot of pupils have not been to the English countryside before (one has never even been on a train which was exciting), and a lot of them had no idea that this was so close to London. Although at points during the hike, pupils were expressing feelings of exhaustion and unwillingness to move forward (it was a long hike), by the end pupils were so glad they completed the hike and were up for DofE next year.
We took the train to Gerrard's Cross, walked through a couple of small villages, then hit the countryside where we could not hear any cars or see any buildings.  Everyone was in good spirits and found it a great challenge trying to keep pace with Mr. El-Hendi.
After about 5 kilometres and 2 hours in, we stopped for lunch in a field where the pupils enjoyed chatting with one another and keeping themselves entertained.
The hike ended with another 4-5 kilometres, walking through forest, fields of wheat (which a lot of pupils have never seen before), and back through the village before we hopped on our train back to Wembley.
All in all, it was a great day of exercise, outdoor training, and fun. Looks like we'll have quite a large cohort for next year's DofE ! 

Miss Danielle May Nuezca

Teacher of Maths

Outdoor Learning Coordinator