Elvin Students celebrate GCSE results


"I was expecting these grades, but I wasn’t expecting the two 8s I received in English, I thought I had got 7s. I feel lucky, but I also feel that I could have put in even more effort – that I took too many breaks. I was really nervous that maybe I didn’t get the results I needed for 6th form, but after I opened the envelope I felt relief.

My family pushes me - my parents expect a lot from me. They’ll be okay with how I did – but not too excited. I want to do international relations, and maybe modern foreign languages so I can do embassy or travel-related work some day. I already speak three languages fluently (Portuguese, Spanish, English) and I’m learning a fourth (Japanese).

I’m not going to be celebrating much. I already have transition work to do for my 6th form. Maybe I can celebrate just for today."

- Gustavo



"I feel good. I feel great. I think for most of my life these exams were always so important to me. This past year, these exams have been my whole life! I truly believe that hard work pays off. For me, education has always been the one thing that I strive for. It’s the only aspect of my life where everything I do gets rewarded. It’s not the grades that define you - I do it for myself.

My life has been a constant cycle of work, but when I see these grades, it all feels worth it. I’m not a creative person, I’m not athletic. The only thing I know is learning and education. Other people have other interests, and some of those people find it hard to revise. But this is my thing.

For my future, I’ll be going to Ark Academy’s 6th form. I don’t know what courses I’ll be doing yet, but I want to work towards doing something that makes a difference in the world. I want to leave a mark. I volunteered for a food bank – I wanted to volunteer.

My parents saw me stress out so much in preparation for these exams, that they said to me 'We don’t care about the grades.' They saw me do all that hard work. Ark Elvin Academy helped me a lot. It motivated me. They did all they could – they put in all the hours. Not one teacher here didn’t do everything they could to support me."

- Sarunicka

I’m very emotional right now, but very happy at the same time. I know I worked very hard for those grades.

I know that I deserve the grades I have gotten. I came to this country in 2012 from Poland. I spoke no English and I had to work really hard.

When I first came here I was in a regular English class and at first my teacher gave me easier problems to do as I learned the language,

but I told them that I wanted to do the same work that other students were doing, so I could push myself.

These grades will help me get into Uni. I want to do medicine at a Russell Group university and these grades are the basis of my future and achieving what I want to achieve in life.

I believe that the teachers here at Ark Elvin gave me the support I needed. There’s a sense of community here. There’s emotional as well as academic support.

I believe our headteacher, Miss Curtis has given us a great deal of support throughout the year.

I haven’t told my parents yet, but I know they’re going to say: “I’m proud of you and you worked hard for this.” 

- Malgorzata