Match Report -Year 7 Elvin Girls Football

During the game, young courageous players from year 7 (Hani, Rahma, Paris, Keya, Zainab, Shenelle, Deniz, Natasha, Layla, Wiilo, Sneha, Samaira, Isra, Samira, Zelina) showed each of the four school values when competing against Islamia Girls’ School. Not only were they able to compete, but they made the Ark Elvin Academy community proud by winning 2-1. The cold did not stop them, they kept going and they worked hard to accomplish this victoy.

Football is football and talent is talent. But the mindset of your team makes all the difference. And it looks like this was proven as the Year 7 Ark Elvin Academy girls were in it to win it. Within the first minute of the match, Deniz went right in and scored an amazing goal against Islamia Girls’ School. Rahma also scored immediately after. Many attempts were made by the opposition, and luckily for them they scored. As the match drew to an end, the scores remained 2-1 to Ark Elvin Academy. It is hard to beat a team when they never give up. This led Ark Elvin girls to victory.

Beth McKenna and Himashi Samarakoon Mudiyanselage