Live performance of Romeo & Juliet for Year 11

Ark Elvin Year 11's were treated to an exclusive live performance of Romeo & Juliet by the The Young Shakespeare Company.

The live show was delivered by talented actors & actresses who creatively educated the students on theatre performances, before launching into the famous play for all to experience up-close and personal.

Student report from Khonsu Watkins-Zepherin

The Romeo and Juliet actors showed great amounts of professionalism and a great quantity of respect for both the school and pupils, both in and out of character. I can strongly say that this performance has had a huge impact for my Romeo and Juliet exam because of its outside the box interpretations for characters and themes; which had a huge impact on my thought process during planning my essay for Romeo and Juliet. The actors showed great kindness to all pupil questions, both in group discussion and one-to-one for advice for the future.

Their use of the audience was also very clever because of the image they wanted to create for the party scene. While being one of the people chosen on the stage, I can genuinely say it was very fun and made me understand the characters even more because of the small conversations you can have with the characters, which would allow you to have insight to how some characters would socialise with people outside of the main characters.

In conclusion, I found the play very entertaining, educational and a fantastic opportunity; and I am grateful to the school for allowing the year 11s to experience this.