Exploratory trip to the London Science Museum for Year 9

On 22nd February and 23rd February Year 9 pupils from Ark Elvin Academy visited the Science Museum, our main attraction was the Winton Gallery which focused on how Maths is used in our everyday lives.  The aim of the trip was to allow all pupils in Year 9 the opportunity to experience the Science Museum, focus on how Maths affects every day living and also experience the IMAX.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable two days and the students represented the Academy superbly, asking interesting questions and fully engaging with the different areas of the museum.

Ms Thorpe and Mrs Wasim

A report from a Year 9 pupil:

 It was the 22nd of February 2018 when year 9 in Ark Elvin Academy were going on a trip to the science museum. We went to the museum by underground stations. When we arrived to the museum we went to a place called 'The Atmosphere', it was all about earth, it was wonderful place. We then went to the IMAX, I can not describe how cool it was. We saw the unseen world, It was a 3d film but this was the first time that I enjoyed a 3d film because all the other 3d films I saw I used to skip some bits cause the screen was big and I couldn't see everything but this IMAX was different, it was awesome. After the IMAX we went to 'The Space'. This was the place where you could see the space, how earth is created and all the other planets. Then we went to 'Technology'. A place where you can see different types of airplanes, how the first airplane was created and old computers. Last place was the 'Wonderlab'. This was my favourite place, because there you can explore the magic of science. You can touch everything in science. I enjoyed it a lot thank you so much.

Lara Hindi