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Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Practice Expedition

On the 9th and 10th of March, Ark Elvin Academy’s Duke of Edinburgh Bronze cohort went on the first expedition of the season.  This was a practice expedition, which all participants must go through as part of the process towards earning their awards.  For most of the participants, this was not only their first time in the great outdoors and navigating using only a map and compass, but it was their first time away from home.  Although this can be quite exciting, it also takes a lot of courage to attempt something like this without parents or adults to guide you through every step of the way.


Each group had their strengths as well as a lot of areas to improve upon, but there was no lack of effort or smiles from anyone!  Despite the heavy downpour that we got at the end of Day 1, everyone was all smiles and determined to complete their walks.  After 6 hours of navigation and hiking through unfamiliar terrain, all 5 groups and 33 participants made it to camp.  What a way to show community within their groups and a desire for mastery in their navigation!


I am EXTREMELY proud of everyone, and thankful to the teachers who volunteered their time to make this a successful expedition.  These participants are ready for their assessed expeditions to complete their process of earning a Bronze Award with the Duke of Edinburgh programme.

Well done to all and keep up the hard work!

Miss Nuezca