Year 7 Drama Shakespeare Globe Trip

Year 7 pupils at Ark Elvin Academy had the opportunity to explore Shakespeare Globe theatre, whilst watching the play, Much ado about nothing.

The Globe theatre is a replica of the theatre that once homed the company that Shakespeare belonged to (The King’s Men) and is an exact replica of the original, outdoors Elizabethan theatre.

The opportunity to see a Shakespeare play is a great way for students to explore the playwright before studying one of his plays, in drama, in the summer term. It will support their learning of the style by giving the students an insight into original performing style as well as introduce them to the common Shakespearean themes of love and comedy.

The students enjoyed the opportunity to sit in a traditional Shakespearean theatre, experiencing the play as people originally would have but with a modern twist of contemporary costumes and references. The performance of Much Ado about nothing, was a 90 minutes performance which included dancing, singing and great acting. The students were gripped from beginning to end and enjoyed the opportunity to see a professional performance.

Ms Strong
Drama Teacher