Partnership with the Donmar Theatre - GCSE Drama

Year 10 GCSE Drama pupils were invited to a practical workshop with the Donmar theatre as well as attending the performance of the way of the World written by play write William Congreve.

The work shop was led by Jessica Lowery who explored the difficult plot of the play, and introduces the characters and themes which intertwine throughout the play. Pupils were able to explore the differences of language, from the 1700’s to present day, as well as identifying the different mannerisms of the social classes, such as the men swooping their jackets before they sat down, and ladies fanning themselves to show their emotions.

The play was premiered in the 1700s in London, and is widely regarded as one of the best restoration comedies. Year 10 pupils were able to identify the different productions elements throughout the performance recognizing costume, lighting and set design choices of the production team in which they will need to explore for next year’s GCSE exam.

Miss Spiers

Head of Drama