Our visit to Imperial College - Deepak, Year 11

The group enjoying the view at Hyde Park.

On the 5th October 2018, a group of Year 11 triple science students were offered the opportunity to visit one of the most prestigious and well respected universities: Imperial College London. The day consisted of a pleasant game of football at Hyde Park London to get our heart rates ready for an exhilarating talk on ‘The Trials and Fibrillations of a Heartbeat’. #trialsandfibrillations.

Professor Prapa Kanagaratnam lead the talk, giving us an enlightening talk on the medicinal development over the last 20 years with the help of various scientists and engineers from Hammersmith Hospital and Imperial College.

We as Ark Elvin students had a great opportunity to learn more about fibrillation from one of the experts in their field. The lecture taught us more about how fibrillation is treated and how the success rate has changed. Through, from the data I saw, I don't think there was an increase. However, the methods of determining fibrillation was a key topic for us to learn about.

After the lecture ended, a small group of students were able to talk to some of the contributors, who worked on the sites of trials and gave further information about the fibrillations. It was an honour for Aisha (11 Nwosu) to get invited to Hammersmith Hospital by one of the members of staff as she is a student interested in studying medicine.

By Deepakgiri (11 Amin)