Our trip to Oxford University - Kriyes and Vedant, Year 11

On Thursday 1st November, a group of Year 10s and 11s went on a trip to Oxford University to get an insight into how higher education works.

During the coach journey, Miss Flanagan hosted a scientific competition in order to keep the students occupied with fun activities. Once entering Oxford City, they were taken to Magdalen College, their first destination. They were led into a room by their guide for the day. After that, the students were given an introduction and some context about Oxford University. For instance, they received information on the application process and what qualifications are required to get into one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Additionally, two second-year students described their academic life at Oxford. For example, they discussed the university’s tutorial system- which is when a small group or a single student would have an active conversation revolving around their subject.

After that, the students went on a tour of Magdalen College, specifically: the deer parks, the dormitories and the outside of one of the college’s more recent libraries. Following that, they went to the computer science department to hear two brief lectures on projects relating to how computer science is implemented in research. Together, the two lectures comprised of solutions to problems around internet safety as well as the use of computer science for medical purposes such as creating a model of the heart, which can then be analysed in order to discover solutions to problems in the heart, namely heart disease and electrical impulses during heart attacks.

Towards the end of the trip, the students went on a tour of Hertford College, another college which is part of Oxford University. This included visiting the college chapel, dormitories and the dining hall which commemorates, through the use of portraits and pictures, Hertford college as the first college in the University to enrol female students.

Overall, the entirety of the trip was very educational and fascinating since the students learnt a lot about university life. We thank all the teachers for providing us with the opportunity to visit the University (and for keeping an ‘ion’ us).

By Kriyes and Vedant (The O2 Duo) Year 11.