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Ark Elvin Academy hosted the Official Opening Ceremony & Inaugural Awards Evening

On Thursday 15th November we proudly hosted our Official Opening Ceremony & Inaugural Awards Evening. We were honoured to have the Mayor of Brent & ARK C.E.O Lucy Heller join Principal Ms Curtis for the Ribbon Cutting & Plaque Unveiling.

It was a great evening which entertained audiences with a combination of great pupil performances and speeches, with awards presented for each year group accompanied by our last year's Year 11 students. 

Welcome and Introduction - Ms Rebecca Curtis, Principal

Ribbon Cutting & Plaque Unveiling - Cllr Arshad Mahmood and Lucy Heller CEO Ark with Principal

Guests were seated to Ark Elvin Academy Violin Ensemble.

Performed by pupils:

Lead by Brigette Mallon, Nikesha Tomlin, Tara Heslop, Sacad Yussef, Earl Colaco, Amanda Fernandes, Samuel Da Costa

School Values & Magna Aude Awards

Marvyne Ouraga - Elvin Mastery

Hetvi Parmar - Elvin Courage

Riyaben Mukeshkumar & Apurva Manoj - Magna Aude Award

Hetvi Parmar - Elvin Courage

Riyaben Mukeshkumar & Apurva Manoj - Magna Aude Award

Beth McKenna - Elvin Community, Wesley Armah - Elvin Integrity

Year 11 Pupil Speech - Aisha Abdi-Abdirahman

Performance "You will be found"

Performed by pupils:

Britannia Campbell, Armani Dixon, Shani Shaw, Zaynab Hassan, Maria Tavares Ramos, Devonte McNeil-Elamo, Andreea Maftei, Rashed McLean, Agshti Ramesh, Ramla Warsame, Hitiksha Dayal, Nasrah Elmi, Sara Szydlo, Neha Chandrakant, Amari Lucien-Williams, Arshika Narendra, Pruthvika Shashikant, Leudona Krasniqi, Sireen Khenoune, Ayomide Anyia, Asianna Parmar-Sheikh

Performance – “The Storm”

Performed by pupils:

Tanvi Sikoteriya, Khushi Patel, Vinay Jentilal, Mital Carsane, Churika Shanti, Komal Jitendra, Phyllis Afonso, Maria Eduarda Ribeiro, Dalal El Khaddaji, Harsh Bhabhu, Krisha Kamlesh, Nikesha Tomlinson, Kayla Williams.