Fantastic French descriptive work from Year 8 & 10

Year 8 French: Home and Region

In Summer 1, Year 8 pupils have been learning to write detailed and interesting descriptions of where they live, including:

  • Topic vocabulary (rooms in the house, furniture, describing my region)
  • Revision of adjective agreement
  • Revision of the definite and indefinite article and possessive adjectives
  • Comparative adjectives (more/less…than)
  • Prepositions

In the above examples, Samaira and Marija have completed in-class and homework translations describing their houses and furniture. Prabhat uses prepositions to write his own description of his home, while Aven’s notes on comparative adjectives have helped him complete the listening and reading tasks.

Year 10 French: School

This term Year 10 pupils have practiced advanced writing about their school, revising key grammar and tenses through this topic. Lessons have included:

  • Topic vocabulary for school (uniform, school day, describing teachers, subjects, clubs)
  • Describing school trips and revising the past tense
  • Describing school rules and ideal school rules, revising the conditional tense
  • Comparing differences to primary school, revising the imperfect tense

Below, work by Dhamen, Gui, Tamar and Rachel shows different writing and grammar tasks in lessons and homework.