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Great examples of work from the Art Department

Year 7: Formal Elements


In Spring 2, Year 7 students have been learning about Still Life. They produced a contextual study page which included:

  • written paragraph about still life as part of their critical studies
  • copy of a still life image of choice to develop their recording skills
  • A double page which shows an effective page layout including colours and designs that relate to the topic

They then produced a Tonal observational drawing of a composition of manmade objects, showing:


  • Proportion
  • Correct us of parallel and converging lines according to P.O.V
  • Shape structures (e.g. symmetry line, when applicable)

In Summer 1, Year 7 students completed a colour wheel with acrylic paint. Learning about primary, secondary, tertiary and complementary colours.


Evelina, in Year 7 told me "I learnt so much about different theories and I was able to apply them to my own response inspired by the artist that we studied".





Year 8: Pop Art


In Summer 1, Year 8 students learnt about the Art movement Pop Art. They developed their ability to use contextual studies as a reference for personal outcome; by producing a series of designs with clear understanding of composition. Through out the project they refined their ideas through recording skills and transferring from a 2D drawing to a 3D cardboard design. Considering the colours they used.



David in Year 8 told me "I enjoyed learning about the Ben Day dots that I was able to put in my own work. I liked the bold colours and the comic strips by Roy Lichtenstein".



Year 9: Recording with a twist


In the Spring term, Year 9 students aimed to produce transfer an observation drawing onto a paper plate then add inspiration of Cas Holmes work into their design to create a personal response. They included the backstitch to reflect the artist working technique.


  • Recording from observation within a time frame

  • Recording of the objects using continuous line

  • Reflective and analytical skills in the form of effective annotation

  • Stylising to form a personal response inspired by Cas Holmes

  • Application of sewing techniques on a paper plate.



Year 9: Local Area


In Summer 2, Year 9 students aimed to produce a print with reference to critical studies using original recordings.


  • Presentation skills

  • Stylising to form a personal response

  • Selecting effective and purposeful visual information

  • Cutting visual information skilfully

  • Pasting visual information skilfully

  • Ability to create a composition using cut out photographs in response to specific cultural and critical references

  • Carving and reducing lino plates

  • Inking purposefully lino plates

  • Building up layers of colour purposefully

This was following contextual studies of Stanley Donwood's work where they designed a stylised bold title, copied two pieces of the artist work, drew relevant backgrounds and engaged with his work to write a paragraph which started with their opinion.

Ayate in Year 9 told me that "in my Art lessons I am able to express my emotions, creativity and through my work show my personality. An example of when I am able to do this is when I am mixing and applying different colours".

Ms Chroussis - Teacher of Art and Design