Drama club builds up steam

The Drama Clubs have been growing in size during this half-term, with the year 7 & 8 club meeting on Mondays and the 9 & 10 club on Tuesdays, both at 3.30.  These clubs have both expanded their numbers this half term whilst the sixth form club will begin in January, meeting on Thursdays. During the course of the sessions the students develop their stage-craft and performance skills.

With Christmas approaching both clubs were busy preparing festive pieces. Both pieces are improvised with plenty of input from the students themselves. One piece, staged at our end of term performace evening, concerns the mysterious disappearance of Rudolph, whilst the other is an updated version of ‘A Christmas Carol’.

Mr Miles, Head of Drama, said “having run drama clubs for many years I am especially impressed by both of our clubs. Every member has a love of performing; their determination and sheer enthusiasm means they always ask for more and more to do.  They are awesome!”

One of our year 7 dramatists commented “It’s brilliant. I can spend time doing my favourite thing.  I did two weeks of Drama in primary school but this is much better ... we have lights and everything.”