Year 9 pupils become published poets

This term a group of our year 9 pupils entered the prestigious Young Writers War of Words competition with poems on the theme of conflict, and we are delighted that four of our young poets will be having their poems published in a book! Well done to Nour, Klea, Lisa, and Pooja who are now published poets as a result of their hard work. Here are two of the poems that are to be published:


A War That Never Ends

There is a war that never ends,

No fellowship, harmony or friends,

Isolated from everyone,

Success that's never been done.

There is a war that never ends,

A broken heart that will never mend,

Because everybody expects so much,

Hurtful words that always touch.

There is a war that never ends,

Where are those friendships that will never bend,

I'll wait for the day never moan,

And sit as a king on my golden throne.

There is a war that never ends,

A war against friends,

A war that never mends,

A war that never bends,

A war where no one is free,

Well guess what that war is…


Lisa A


Peace Or War

Ba-bomb! The sound and echo of my sunken heart,

Bombs being dashed,

Guns being shot.

Soldiers saying, 'What?'

'Help! Help!' My mind is sleeping,

I am weeping, wounds glowing,

Brains blown.

'Help! Help!' Soldiers screaming in battle,

Fields are dumpy,

Everybody is grumpy.

Bang! Bang!

All I hear is gunshots surrounding me,

Nei, no, nei, no!

I hear sirens around me.

I fight, I fight relentlessly,

Will I survive?

I will try, fight in harmony, in our own territory,

Gunshots fired,

But I seem to see,

What I am to be!


Klea H