House competitions get underway

The past few months have seen an intensifying of activities and competition between our six houses: Angelou, Farah, Malala, Mandela, Rowling, and Sutton. The highlight was undoubtedly the house singing competition, where each house attempted to outperform each other with their renditions of ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams. Every pupil (and teacher) in the school took part, with some displaying excellent musical abilities while others dazzled with costumes, dancing, and sheer effort, enthusiasm, and joy! Every house impressed the judges, leaving them with a difficult decision to make, but in the end Angelou were crowned winners, with Mandela in second place and Farah third.

Meanwhile, pupils were donating tinned and packet food for a local food bank, with house points going to Mandela for collecting the most. More importantly, 85 kilograms of food were collected in total, with the school receiving a letter of thanks and certificate from the Sufra charity for the food that will feed six families in need.

However most of the house points come from the merits pupils receive every day for displaying our school values of integrity, courage, community, and mastery. So, despite the huge 5,000 house points awarded to Angelou for winning the house singing, the leaders of the house competition at the last count  (at Christmas) were Mandela with 22,830 house points in total.

We still have half the academic year to go however, so every house has a chance to win the much coveted 2014-5 Elvin House Cup. Pupils are currently studying for the house spelling bee, and other upcoming competitions include a maths challenge, drama competition, and sports day.