The Elvin maths team casts its spell!

On February 11th,  Elvin hosted the Ark Year 7 Maths Challenge, a competition for year 7 teams from Ark schools from across the network. The theme of the challenge was 'The Magic of Numbers’ and involved students working in teams trying to solve mathematical problems involving different aspects of the ‘number’ theme in a given time. The activities were arranged in a carousal and the students were encouraged to solve as many problems as they could to gain maximum marks for each round.

Our year 12 and year 13 Maths students supported the maths department with the organisation of the day and their proactive and responsible manner played a tremendous role in ensuring that the day ran smoothly. The five year 7 students that represented ARK Elvin are: Aisha, Krish, Bandana, Salim and Vedant. They worked extremely well together and their behaviour, attitude and commitment were exemplary. We finished fifth out of ten schools in a well fought contest.

At the end of the third round there was no clear winner. However at the end on the final round - the individual challenge - two schools gained significant points and were neck and neck with just 10 points separating the winning school, Bolingstoke Academy, from Globe Academy in second place.

It was a great day; the students and teachers had loads of fun.