Elvin pupils develop leadership through football

A group of Elvin pupils recently attained Open College Network qualifications in Community Development & Leadership, through the London Football Journeys scheme that we are working with. Their achievements featured in the Brent & Kilburn Times newspaper and also the Get West London and London Community Foundation websites. Halema in year 10 has written the following account of her experiences:

“London Football Journeys (LFJ) is a youth organisation group/UK charity that supports young people to become positive young leaders by learning new skills, experiencing new places and people. Our target is to support the creation of self-confidence, motivation and engage young people from different parts of London who break down negative perceptions of other areas actively. We inspire people to be positive and happy people within their community, as we believe in a voice for a better future in their life to be able to show integrity within their society, we think is extremely crucial.

We continuously represent our community and grow as positive leaders. Working with a group of students from our school, the project taught us how to plan, film and edit a short video about the area where we live in. How it feels to live there. We spoke on camera, interviewed each other, and gathered views from our community too. LFJ is all about being successful in everything we do as a community and working well as a team to break down prejudice. As young students to experience this amazing journey was absurd.

I am delighted to be in this charity organisation fulfilling key roles as a young teenager. I am proud to say that being in this charity has made me a better person outside of school and within school. I have been fortunate in achieving and portraying values of our school. Reflecting back to our influential values I sincerely believe that myself and others have been prosperous in accomplishing and mastering the dominant values.”