Ark Elvin inspired by Harvard University talk

Year 11 students are aspiring to study in America after a talk from graduates of Harvard, one of the world’s most well-known universities.

Ark Elvin Academy students went to the talk, at Ark Academy near Wembley Park, to find out more about studying in the US. They heard how American universities require students to study a broad range of subjects over four years, rather than one subject over three years as in most UK universities.

Harvard graduate Josh McTaggart told Ark Elvin students how he’d come from a working-class background to being the first member of his family to study at university, saying that Harvard’s generous financial support had meant that he’d been able to leave university with less debt than if he’d stayed in the UK.

Ark Elvin student Saeeka said: “It really opened my mind to the possibility of studying in the US. I hadn’t really thought about it before, but Josh has shown us that it’s possible – he made it from a working-class family to being a Harvard graduate.”

Year 11 student Wiam said: “The talk was really interesting and gave me a lot to think about. I want to study Medicine at university, which is a postgraduate degree in America, so I may stay in the UK, but now I know it’s possible.”

The talk was co-organised with Harvard Club UK, and featured a speaker who also works on the A list ‘US Scholars’ programme - a programme that helps students from across the Ark network to apply for American universities.