Elvin wins partnership award from Sufra food bank

The Elvin community has continued to build strong links with our local food bank in Stonebridge, run by the Sufra charity, and we were delighted to collect an award for "Best School Partnership" at their second annual dinner last week. Presenting the award, Mohammed Mamdani, Director of Sufra, commented on the commitment of the school community to the relationship over such a short space of time, and he and Miss Bates both spoke of the many opportunities to develop more ways of working together in future.

We have already worked hard to support the local community through Sufra. Following our food drive at Christmas, when Elvin pupils collected 85 kilograms of food, Miss Bates has run the Paris marathon and a group of year 10 volunteers spent a Saturday afternoon packing bags in Waitrose – both to raise money for Sufra, towards their aim of building a soup kitchen. In total, the marathon raised £1,400 and the bag packing raised over £400. Customers and staff alike were impressed with how well our pupils took to the task, working hard and having great conversations with the customers about the charity. Most impressively, many of the year 10s rushed to sign up for more volunteering with Sufra following the bag packing, showing a very strong sense of our school value of community. Halema, one of the volunteers, writes:

“I am extremely proud of our school working with the charity as I sincerely believe that we represent our school values, the main one being community. The day at Waitrose was amazing. I was very appreciative to be involved in the successful charity. I believe me and everyone represented great courage and lifted the community spirit, in order to achieve great mastery, and I believe it turned out be an amazing day - with all the courage and mastery. I surprisingly also learned how to pack shopping properly and enjoyed a good time talking to the lovely customers! I was very proud to tell the customers that our prestigious school is working with Sufra and as a young ambassador I am successful in achieving this. Everyone was great at accomplishing the objective of the day. We managed to raise over £400 altogether with the help of all the brilliant teachers. A special shout out to all the staff who helped out: Ms Noronha, Ms George, Ms Brooks, Ms Williams, and of course Ms Bates.”