Mastery Homework Policy


  • Homework at Elvin is subject-specific Mastery Homework - it helps to build mastery of the key knowledge in each subject. Homework is a form of revision
  • Homework promotes the use of the most effective and high-leverage techniques by pupils, reinforcing habits of study


Mastery Homework is not an addition or an add on but is an opportunity for pupil to consolidate the learning that has been completed utilising the most efficient methods to transfer the knowledge to their long-term memory. Homework will allow pupils to build routines and develop positive attitudes and discipline towards work outside of the classroom, developing their mastery of the process as well as the content.


  • To consolidate knowledge
  • To consolidate the most effective techniques to transfer knowledge into long-term memory
  • To give pupils a chance to practice self-regulation 

Please find the full Mastery Curriculum policy home here: PDF iconMastery Homework Policy.