Sports Day 2021

It has been two years since the school has had the chance to run a whole school event, so we needed to make 2021 Sports day special.

All the pupils were showing their team colours based around the Euros 2020 teams.

Sports Day Summary

The day started with the students walking down the steps to the astro and muga to the champions league music on the sound system with the new school sports trophy on display. The day was thrilled with excitement and enthusiasm across all year groups. Sports that took place were football, netball, basketball, dodgeball and athletics in the afternoon.  Well done to team Netherlands winning the overall sports day trophy.  

The form groups that represented the Netherlands were:

7 D Sharp

8 Organ

9 McDonough

10 Connett

The Winners

Congratulations to the following year group winners:  

7 Uppal  

8 Organ  

9 McDonough 

10 Tiller