This page contains the response of the Ark Elvin community to the murder of George Floyd. 

Our response

  • We are working with the wider Ark network to review our entire curriculum to ensure that racism is tackled across our subjects and that our curriculum represents the diversity of our community
  • A book of condolence containing messages from our pupils, parents and staff is being compiled and will be sent to the family of George Floyd
  • Antiracism resources have been shared with our pupils
  • Pupils have been given the opporunity to express their feelings during phone calls with teachers
  • We have prepared a Discussing Race at Home document to support parents in talking about racism to their children
  • Black history is being celebrated in the weekly tasks set by our music department for our pupils during lockdown

Contributions from our pupils

The importance of having laws to help minorities - An essay by Maria in Year 10

Nothing More - Rap

By Deborah, Year 8

Look, being black is not a crime,

It’s growing seeing dads wondering what happened to mines,

Walking round the streets hoping that you make it home,

Holding in the pain, feeling all alone

It’s not being able to do thing cause the colour of your skin,

But when a white man does it nothing happens to him,

The news, yeah they have nothing to say,

Unless we use violence making it the only way,


Rest in peace George you will be in our hearts forever,

Black lives matter I’ll scream this whenever,

On his knees,”I can’t breathe”, they still took his life,

Everyone’s heartbroken his child and his wife,

More of us are dying, more of us are gone,

We need people to realise that this is wrong,


More of us are dying, more of us are gone,

We need people to realise that this is wrong,

More of us are dying like never before,

Until black and white are equal, this is war.


Look, growing up I thought we were all he same,

We were equal, black lives mattered now our lives are just a game, who is to blame,

For all the lives that were lost,

All them time with family do you know what it cost,

There’s only one difference between black and white,

Ones dark, ones light, we can all put a fight for this,

It’s not even like hit or miss, there’s a target

Don’t want us alive, how we can survive,

It’s life,

Not all black carry a knife,

Its 2020 not 1685,


More of us are dying, more of us are gone,

We need people to realise that this is wrong,

More of us are dying like never before,

I just want black and white to be equal, nothing more.


Black Lives Matter - Rap

By Sonia, Year 8

People ask me what I wanna be when I grow up
And not even gonna lie I wanna be alive
Thinkin' 'bout my future, I wanna make it there
People screamin' words at me that I can't even bear
George Floyd, say his name
He was a good man, but they ended his days
Thinking about his wife, specially his daughter
She's gonna grow up thinking, where's my dad? This is so bad.. can't turn around can't be sad
You show your weaknesses and that's when they got you
But we can't do nothing, we can't forget you
We don't wanna upset you
We protest peacefully and they ain't doing a bit
But when it resorts to violence it's like they perfectly framed it
Michael Jackson, he said it, they don't care about us
Having to sit at the back of the bus
Rosa Parks, she changed that, she changed us
And now again, we're at the back of the bus, back to the start thinking will it ever end ?
Black Fridays, there was a whole slave trade and they won't do nothing about it?
We were abused, taken from families, beaten
And what, you're thinking.. oh that's decent?
Will it ever end, the terror, the fear in his eyes as the white man pulled out a gun from his side
Yeah, it's a real shame, but it's only 1 or 2 people that might go ahead and take the blame
Yet still, I have the hope that one day my son will be able to walk around on road, without fearing that someone might cut his rope.


Being black should not be a threat

Being black should not be a threat

This is a subject we will never forget

They fought for their lives

But now its getting harder to survive

We will try hard to get what we want to achieve

The lasts word of a victim 'I cant breathe'

Our generation is getting destroyed

Justice for George Floyd




By Asraar in year 7


Racism, All around the world racism is a threat.

Something coloured people have met.

Stand up and lets your voice be heard,

Speak out even for the smallest words.

Ask other races of how they feel,

The amount of hate other races receive is unreal.

Rosa Parks did what she did it cannot be destroyed,

Black Lives Matter, Justice For George Floyd.

By Ali in Year 9



This should be old news

But we still going against it

People should have new views

Not go out and provoke it

MLK said he had a dream

And we should achieve it

Rather than doing nothing

We should fight against it.

We should ask ourselves “where is the love?”

Though we may not believe it, it came from above

So let’s love and cherish each other

Because at the end of the day it’s never one without the other

By Mahima in Year 10


No Racism Poster

By Puja in Year