KCSIE January 2021 update

An update has been made to Keeping Children Safe in Education (2020) to take account of changes to recruitment after the UK left the EU.

This guidance replaces Keeping Children Safe in Education September 2020. Changes are strictly limited to those related to the UK leaving the EU on 31 December 2020.

European Economic Area (EEA) regulating authority teacher sanctions or restrictions

149. From 01 January 2021 the TRA Teacher Services system will no longer maintain a list of those teachers who have been sanctioned in EEA member states. Advice about how information about a teacher’s past conduct may be obtained can be found at paragraph 172.

172. …schools and colleges must make any further checks they think appropriate so that any relevant events that occurred outside the UK can be considered. These checks could include, where available:

  • criminal records checks for overseas applicants – Home Office guidance can be found on GOV.UK; and for teaching positions
  • obtaining a letter of professional standing from the professional regulating authority in the country in which the applicant has worked. Advice about which regulatory or professional bod applicants should contact is available from the National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom, UK NARIC.

Further information can be found in DfE Guidance: Recruit teachers from overseas

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Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

This policy sets out Ark’s commitment to safeguarding the children in our academies and describes in sections 1 to 5 the approach, aims and scope of the policy. Sections 6 to 8 outline roles and responsibilities for safeguarding. Section 9 to 13 outlines core definitions, procedures and information for use in schools. Further links and guidance are given in the appendices.

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Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2021-22

School Procedures and Policies APPENDIX A

Recuitment and Appointment Policy 2016-2019 Appendix D

Ark Whistleblowing Policy Whistleblowing Policy

Child Protection
Designated Safeguarding                              


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Safeguarding Lead

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