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Sixth Form

We are excited to launch our Sixth Form Offer for 2020.

In Sept 2020, we will open an outstanding, targeted provision that supports our pupils, to, and through, a top third university degree or equivalent apprenticeship. In opening our Sixth Form we will begin to build a community of alumni who are invested in raising the aspirations of all Elvin pupils to be successful at university and a career of their choice.

If you are interested in applying for A Levels please follow this link to our sister School - Ark Academy

For courses at Ark Elvin - read on!

Professional Pathways

AEA Professional Pathways Overview Leaflet .docx

Professional Pathways are an innovative programme of study that has been developed by Ark to deliver a high- quality technical curriculum that is directly relevant to the workplace while keeping the door to university open.

The qualification at the heart of the programme is both challenging and rigorous. It is respected by employers and universities and provides a balance between academic skills and work-readiness skills. The programme is supported and endorsed by major employers, who believe the programme is excellent preparation for the world of work and creates the type of students that they would want to employ.

Overview for Students 2019 Science.docx

Applied Science Course Leaflet.docx

Sport and Exercise Science Course Leaflet.docx

Applied Science

Entry Criteria

  • 4+ English and Maths and at least two other subjects
  • 5-5+ Science
  • Leads to: Degrees in science, medicine and related fields (Links below as examples) Degree Apprenticeships in a range of industries


· Keele - Forensic Science (best in country for this course)

· Bath – Biology (Top ten for Biology nationally)

· King’s College London – Nursing




Completing the Professional Pathway in Applied Science provides pupils with a genuine insight into how science has shaped modern life. It is a demanding course that will provide pupils with a range of transferable skills and a knowledge set that will allow them to continue their studies at University or move into the career of their choice, Science-based or otherwise. The qualification focuses on project-based learning (70%) combined with exams (30%). It is equivalent to three A Levels and holds the same number of UCAS points.

Not only will students learn about a huge range of scientific concepts but they will have the opportunity to see how these work in action through partnerships with healthcare providers and commercial laboratories. This link will give pupils a chance to see how scientific ideas are applied in the workplace and how the skills they will be developing can impact others and the wider world. They will be able to apply some of their learning within a professional context and will gain first-hand experience of some of the careers open to them upon completion of the course.

The topics explored on theProfessional Pathway Applied Science course include content from all three disciplines. In biology, students will focus on microbiology, disease, and human physiology. Within chemistry they will explore organic, inorganic and industrial-scale chemistry. In the field of physics students will consider the physical properties of materials in more detail as well as how medical physics have shaped our understanding of health. Units based around infection, biomedical science and forensic analysis are just a few examples of how this course allows pupils to see how science is used on a practical level. Students will also have the opportunity to pursue their own scientific interests through an investigative project.

Alongside their academic study, students have the opportunity to practice employability skills, both within the classroom and with employers. This includes developing their IT skills, giving them lots of opportunities to practice presenting, and helping them to build contacts and networks across a range of industries. They will also receive career mentoring to help them make a real and informed choice about what to do when they leave school.


Sport and Excersise Science                           

A blended approach of both theory and practical elements, our sport course is grounded in developing your ability to work in the sport sector or continue on to degree level study at university,

Read about this student’s experience :


Entry Criteria:

  • 4+ English and Maths and at least two other subjects
  • 5-4+ Science
  • Leads to:

Sport Science Degrees

Physiotherapy degrees


Foundation Pathway

Foundation Pathway information PPT.pdf

We’re proud to offer our foundation pathway- a unique opportunity for pupils who missed a 4 in maths, English or both to close their gaps in understanding and re-take, while also studying for a level 3 qualification that supports them to move quickly on to the next level of study.

Entry Criteria:

· 3/3 in English and/or Maths. 3s and 4s in other subjects

· Course components: English and/or Maths resit;  Tech Level (1 A Level equivalent)

· Leads to: A Professional Pathway at Elvin or any Ark School; a L3 BTEC at any local provider.