"Ark does a lot of free CPD for other teachers and they’re looking to recruit the most hardworking teachers. You do feel when you join Ark that you are part of a network that wants to develop you as a teacher and that’s been a really big part of my experience here."

"One of the big selling points of being with Ark is that I have these great CPD opportunities. In my previous school whenever we had CPD days, I felt like they weren’t that useful. But the CPD at Ark is fantastic! I feel like I’ve learned more in my 2 years at Ark than I did in my NQT year and training year."

"Come and work in one of the most supportive environments you will ever experience. There are great opportunities for growth and whatever you are looking to develop in your career, the opportunities will present themselves to you here."

- Meryl Noronha, English teacher and Head of House.