Half Term

Monday 17th February – Friday 21st February.

Pupils return to school Monday 24th February. They must be in school by 8.23am.


Year 11 BCS Level 2 ECDL Certificate in IT Application Skills

This qualification is a level 2 Certificate that covers core IT applications commonly used in many organisations around the world. Completing this qualification will improve your understanding of these IT applications and teach you how to use the software efficiently. It will also teach you how to use a computer confidently and effectively, and encourages problem-solving, creativity and communication.

You will complete four specific level 2 units from the ITQ framework:

  • Word Processing Software
  • Spread sheet Software
  • Presentation Software
  • Improving Productivity Using IT

This qualification has a four-tier grading structure, ranging from pass to distinction-star as shown in the table below.

This ensures you receive the right level of recognition for your efforts.


Overall Mark                      Grade

70% or above                     Pass

75% or above                     Merit

80% or above                     Distinction

85% or above                     Distinction*


This qualification is on the on the Ofqual Register of Regulated Qualifications.

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